At KLG Legal Nurse Consulting we specialize in determining future medical costs after a catastrophic or non-catastrophic injury.    Medical cost projections are crucial to attorneys as they help in accurately estimating the financial burdens and long-term care needs of their clients who have suffered personal injuries or illnesses. By employing the expertise of a Life Care Planner, attorneys can ensure they’re advocating for the most comprehensive and fair compensation on behalf of their clients. These projections take into account the anticipated medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, ongoing care, and any necessary adaptive equipment, thereby painting a realistic picture of the victim’s future needs. This data not only strengthens the attorney’s case but also provides the court with a clear understanding of the true impact of the injury or illness on the individual’s life. Ultimately, accurate medical cost projections are essential in securing a just outcome and helping clients regain their quality of life.

Life Care Planning

As a Life Care Planner, our mission is to provide attorneys with exceptional Life Care Planning services that empower them to achieve the most favorable outcomes for their clients. We specialize in accurately calculating future medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and long-term care needs, ensuring your case is built on solid evidence and a comprehensive understanding of your client's unique circumstances.

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Medical Cost Projections

Our team of dedicated nursing professionals looks at the specific medical and care requirements for your client. With our meticulous projections, you'll be equipped to advocate for fair compensation of your clients. These projections take into account the anticipated medical expenses, ongoing care, and any necessary adaptive equipment, thereby painting a realistic picture of future needs.

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Medical Cost Projections Connecticut

Medical Bill Review

Our medical bill review services for attorneys offer a critical analysis of the cases medical expenses, ensuring that each charge is justified, accurate, and in line with industry standards. Our team of experienced professionals meticulously scrutinizes every bill, identifying discrepancies, overcharges, and potential errors that can impact the overall case.

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Medical Case Reviews

A Medical Case Review by a Legal Nurse Consultant provides attorneys with a thorough analysis of the medical aspects of their cases, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare issues involved. Our expert Legal Nurse Consultants possess extensive clinical experience and a deep understanding of medical-legal matters, enabling them to effectively review medical records, interpret complex medical terminologies, and identify potential areas of negligence or deviations from the standard of care.

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Medicare Set Asides

Our Life Care Planner's Medicare Set-Asides (MSA) services offer attorneys a reliable and comprehensive solution to navigate the complex process of protecting Medicare's interests in personal injury settlements. Our team of experts specializes in accurately estimating future medical expenses and prescription drug costs related to the injury, ensuring that Medicare's financial interests are duly considered and properly allocated.

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Medical Cost Projections Connecticut

Expert Medical Witnesses

Our Medical Witness Location services, provided by experienced Legal Nurse Consultants, offer attorneys a streamlined and targeted approach to identifying the most suitable and credible medical experts for their cases. Understanding the crucial role that medical witnesses play in shaping case outcomes, we leverage our extensive network of medical professionals and in-depth knowledge of various medical specialties to locate the ideal witnesses who can provide unbiased, authoritative testimony.

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I am a personal injury attorney in Danbury CT very busy practice 20+ years. All that time of course car accidents and fall downs so easy ... but the big important cases the med mals ... so important and yet so tricky and heavily defensed. So happy I met Kellie G. and her business KLG Consulting. Since then I have happily collaborated several years now KLG Consulting ... Saving attorneys time and money on cases involving medical records! KLG is smart affordable available to discuss any issue any time ... the best. Do not go forward on your case without a positive case review ... from Kellie KLG. Really not kidding she is the best. - Attorney Gregory Klein
Gregory Klein
Personal Injury Attorney
Alan Barry Center For Law & Justice LLC
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