Life Care Plans

Life Care Plans for Catastrophic Injury Cases

Life Care Planning Services for Attorneys & Insurance Companies

Our professional Connecticut based life care planning team specializes in providing plaintiff and defense attorneys with comprehensive and accurate life care plans to determine future medical costs for cases involving catastrophic injuries. By collaborating with medical experts and utilizing evidence-based research, we create personalized life care plans that empower attorneys to advocate for the best possible outcome for their clients.

 Why Choose Our Connecticut Based Life Care Planning Team?

Our life care planning experts possess extensive experience in the field, ensuring the highest quality plans for your case. Our Connecticut based team comprises certified life care planners and medical professionals who work together to create a robust and precise plan tailored to your client’s unique needs.

Our Life Care Planning Process for Attorneys

Step 1: Comprehensive Assessment

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your client’s medical records, interviews family members, and consulting with treating physicians. This comprehensive approach allows us to gain a deep understanding of your client’s condition, needs, and future prognosis.

Step 2: Identification of Future Medical Needs

Our team identifies the medical, rehabilitation, and support services necessary for your client’s long-term care. We consider a wide range of factors, including medical equipment, therapies, medications, home modifications, and personal care services.

Step 3: Research and Cost Estimation

Utilizing our vast network of Stamford-based medical professionals and resources, we research and estimate the cost of each identified need. Our life care planners ensure that all costs are based on current market rates and consider potential changes over time due to inflation and medical advancements.

Step 4: Preparation of Life Care Plan

We compile all gathered information into a comprehensive, easy-to-understand life care plan that outlines the future medical costs and associated services necessary for your client’s well-being. Our life care plans are fully defensible in court and serve as a powerful tool for Stamford attorneys in negotiations and settlements.

Experience The Difference With Our Life Care Plans

Partner with us and experience the benefits of our meticulous life care planning process. With our expertise, you’ll have the confidence to advocate for fair and just compensation for your clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Contact us today to discuss your case and learn more about our life care planning services for attorneys.

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I am a personal injury attorney in Danbury CT very busy practice 20+ years. All that time of course car accidents and fall downs so easy ... but the big important cases the med mals ... so important and yet so tricky and heavily defensed. So happy I met Kellie G. and her business KLG Consulting. Since then I have happily collaborated several years now KLG Consulting ... Saving attorneys time and money on cases involving medical records! KLG is smart affordable available to discuss any issue any time ... the best. Do not go forward on your case without a positive case review ... from Kellie KLG. Really not kidding she is the best. - Attorney Gregory Klein
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