Medical Case Reviews

Expert Medical Case Review Services for Attorneys by a Certified Life Care Planner

Comprehensive Analysis of Medical Records for Optimal Case Outcomes

Our Life Care Planner offers professional medical case review services to attorneys, providing in-depth analysis of medical records and documentation related to personal injury, medical malpractice, and other cases. Leveraging our extensive medical knowledge and expertise in Life Care Planning, we help you identify critical medical issues, evaluate the appropriateness of medical treatments, and determine the necessity and cost of future medical care, contributing to a more efficient case resolution and favorable outcomes for your clients.

The Benefits of Our Medical Case Review Services

With a thorough understanding of medical terminology, treatments, and procedures, our certified Life Care Planner brings a wealth of expertise to each case, ensuring reliable and precise medical case reviews. Our services enable you to:

  • Identify key medical issues in your client’s case
  • Evaluate the appropriateness and necessity of medical treatments
  • Estimate future medical needs and associated costs
  • Strengthen your case with expert insights and analysis
  • Improve case management and streamline negotiations

Our Medical Case Review Process for Attorneys

Step 1: Collection and Organization of Medical Records

We begin by conducting a meticulous review of your client’s medical records, including physician notes, diagnostic reports, treatment plans, and more. This in-depth assessment allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your client’s medical history, current condition, and future medical needs.

Step 2: Thorough Analysis of Medical Facts

Our team identifies the medical services, treatments, and medications that are likely to be covered by Medicare for your client’s ongoing care. We consider various factors, such as the client’s age, medical condition, and Medicare coverage criteria, to ensure accurate MSA calculations.

Step 3: Comprehensive Medical Case Review Report

Using our extensive network of medical professionals and resources, we research and estimate the costs of each identified future Medicare-covered expense. We ensure that all cost projections are based on current market rates and consider potential changes over time due to inflation and advancements in medical care.

Step 4: Ongoing Support and Consultation

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of the medical case review report. We provide ongoing support and consultation to help you navigate any questions or concerns that may arise during case development, negotiations, or litigation, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your cases.

Experience the Advantages of Our Medical Case Review Services

Partner with us to streamline your case management and secure Medicare compliance for your personal injury clients. Our Medicare Set-Aside services enable you to effectively navigate the complexities of Medicare regulations and achieve fair compensation for your clients. Contact us today to discuss your case and explore our comprehensive Medicare Set-Aside solutions for personal injury attorneys.

Need Expert Medical Case Review Services for Your Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice Case? Contact Kellie Today!

Ensure a strong foundation for your cases by partnering with our experienced team for comprehensive medical case review services. Call Kellie today at (203) 460-2716 or simply fill out the web form below to discuss your case in detail. Our team of Legal Nurse Consultants and Life Care Planners is ready to provide the expert guidance and support you need to effectively understand complex medical issues, identify potential areas of negligence, and build a solid case strategy. Don’t wait – reach out to Kellie now and take the first step towards a successful case resolution!

I have worked with Kellie Geanuracos on a number of medical malpractice cases and I find her to be extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of medical conditions and illnesses. She has prepared medical chronologies for me on complex medical cases and has located experts in a variety of different specialties. She is always prompt responding to inquiries and provides valuable insight into issues that may not be obvious from an initial reading of the medical records. Her fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend Kellie to any attorneys working in personal injury litigation.
Thomas Cella
Partner at Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald, LLP
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