Medical Cost Projections

Accurate Medical Cost Projections
for Non-Catastrophic Injury Cases

Expert Assistance for Attorneys in Demands, Mediation, and Settlements

Our specialized team offers precise medical cost projections to help attorneys accurately estimate future medical expenses for cases involving non-catastrophic injuries. By leveraging our medical expertise and in-depth research, we provide reliable projections that assist attorneys in crafting effective demands, preparing for mediation, and negotiating fair settlements for their clients.

The Benefits of Our Medical Cost Projection Services for Attorneys

Our experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each case, ensuring accurate and reliable medical cost projections. We collaborate with medical specialists and employ evidence-based methodologies to develop comprehensive projections that address the specific needs of your clients. Our services enable you to:

  • Streamline negotiations and settlements
  • Maximize compensation for your clients
  • Facilitate informed decision-making during mediation
  • Optimize demands for future medical expenses

Our Medical Cost Projection Process for Non-Catastrophic Injury Cases

Step 1: Thorough Case Evaluation

We start by conducting a detailed evaluation of your client’s medical records, obtaining a clear understanding of their condition, treatment history, and future medical needs. This comprehensive assessment allows us to identify key factors that may impact future medical expenses.

Step 2: Identification of Future Medical Requirements

Our team identifies the medical, rehabilitative, and support services required for your client’s ongoing care. We consider various factors, such as therapies, medications, medical equipment, and necessary follow-up appointments.

Step 3: Research and Cost Estimation

Using our extensive network of medical professionals and resources, we research and estimate the costs of each identified future medical requirement. We ensure that all cost projections are based on current market rates and consider potential changes over time due to inflation and advancements in medical care.

Step 4: Comprehensive Medical Cost Projection Report

We compile our findings into a user-friendly medical cost projection report that outlines the anticipated future medical expenses and corresponding services essential for your client’s well-being. Our report serves as a valuable resource during negotiations, mediation, and settlement discussions, empowering you to effectively advocate for your client’s best interests.

Experience the Advantages of Our Medical Cost Projection Services

Partner with us to streamline your case management and secure fair compensation for your clients with non-catastrophic injuries. Our medical cost projection services enable you to effectively navigate demands, mediation, and settlements with confidence. Contact us today to discuss your case and explore our comprehensive medical cost projection solutions for attorneys.

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I have worked with Kellie Geanuracos on a number of medical malpractice cases and I find her to be extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of medical conditions and illnesses. She has prepared medical chronologies for me on complex medical cases and has located experts in a variety of different specialties. She is always prompt responding to inquiries and provides valuable insight into issues that may not be obvious from an initial reading of the medical records. Her fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend Kellie to any attorneys working in personal injury litigation.
Thomas Cella
Partner at Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald, LLP
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